Housed in two historical Ottoman mansion buildings within Antalya’s historical old town, Kaleiçi in near proximity to Hadrians’s gate. These once heavily deteriorated buildings, along with a number of others, were purchased by Suna & Inan Kiraç (Turkey’s leading entrepreneurs and Industrialists) and restored back to their original features and character in 1995.

The first building is a typical two-storey Turkish Ottoman House with an impressive protruding balcony, arched windows, a traditional courtyard with black & white Stone mosaics. The second building is equally as impressive however there is a beautifully restored Greek Orthadox church in the garden. Above the arch door of the church is a plaque depicting St George, patron Saint of England slaying the dragon.

How to get to the Suna & Inan Kiraç Museum by using the local Antalya public transport system

From the main road infront of the Liberty Hotels Lara and wait for the LC07. Get off at Çarsi PTT(Post Office) bus stop. Walk in the opposite direction of the one way traffic flow down the slope to the crossroads. At the crossroads turn right and walk on for approx 150 metres and you will see a restored Greek Othodox church/Mosque. At the T-junction (Atatürk Caddesi) look to your left hand side and you will see Hadrian’s Gate. Walk down and up the steps of Hadrian’s gate towards the path infront of you. At the path turn left and walk straight ahead for approx 150 metres and the Suna & Inan Kiraç Museum is the salmon coloured building on your left hand side.


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