Situated in close proximity to the traditional, local town of Serik in Antalya province, Aspendos impresses its visitors with its elegant amphitheatre and other ancient remains. Because of its location close to the trade routes and the Köpruçay River, Aspendos has always been a rich town many rulers desired to dominate.

The amphitheater in Aspendos is the oldest and best preserved Roman amphitheater in Anatolia. The visitors find it very exciting to watch the annual Aspendos concerts, plays and ballet performances on a stage that has witnessed many centuries. The aqueducts in Aspendos are also very impressive signifying the advanced engineering of its time. As a tourist, a must is to walk around the back of Aspendos amphitheater to the Basilica at the top.

How to get to Aspendos by using the Antalya Municipality public transport system

We recommend you either rent-a-car from our resident rent-a-car office or take a yellow taxi from the taxi rank directly outside of the Liberty Hotels Lara. If you are a seasoned, independent traveller and you wish to get to Aspendos using local transport, it is possible however very time consuming and tedious.


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