As a tourist, Mini City minuture model park is a tourist attraction situated in a modern, developing residential area along Konyaalti beach coastal road. Situated next to Antalya Aquarium and opposite Su Hotel, the worlds largest boutique hotel. The Mini City consists of attractively, landscaped gardens which exhibits quarter-scale models of some of Turkey’s most famous historic buildings and geological phenomanons such as Pamukkale and Cappadocia. A pavilion with an open bar sits at the northern edge of the park, and an entrance building at the southern edge houses services, shops, a café, a restaurant and an exhibition hall. The entrance building is the most striking element of the park’s design.

Address: Arapsuyu Mah., Dumlupınar Bulv./600. Sok., Arapsuyu/Antalya
Telephone: (0242) 229 4545

How to get to the Mini City minuture model park by using the local Antalya public transport system

From the main road infront of the Liberty Hotels Lara and wait for the LC07. Get off at the bus stop infront of the Hotel Suix Lara (all the bus drivers will know it as the ‘Ofo Hotel’) which next to the ‘Ofo Taxi rank’. Wait at the bus stop for the KL08 and ask the bus driver to drop you off at the 5 M Migros shopping centre. Walk to the overhead bridge and by using the bridge cross to the other side of the busy main road. Walk towards the roundabout/underpass. At the roundabout/underpass take a right turn and walk for approx 500 meters and on your right hand side you will see Antalya Aquarium, walk past the Aquarium for another 100 metres and you will see Mini City’s contemporary building which house the minitures in delightful, landscaped gardens.
The journey time from Liberty Hotels Lara on the LC07 to Hotel Suix Lara next to the ‘Ofo Taxi rank’ (Ofo Hotel) is approx – 15 mins. Fare – 2 TL.
The journey time from Hotel Suix Lara on the KL08 to 5 M Migros shopping centre is approx – 40 mins. Fare – 2 TL.


90 242 352 31 32

Liberty Lara, bir Liberty Group otelidir.

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